24 September 2008


A compromise is an agreement whereby both parties get what neither of them wanted.
~ Author Unknown

So Mr. A's birthday money has been burning a hole in his pocket. All $15 of it. He desperately wants a new game for the Wii...not that he didn't get two new games ON his birthday.

So he convinced me that he would pay me back, if I bankrolled his game purchase. It took a lot of convincing and some compromise on both our parts.

Mr. A got a list of chores (and not any of the usual chores!), and a set dollar amount that I'll pay for each chore. I got a new charge on my credit card.

The understanding was reached that he has until November 1st to pay off the game. And it shouldn't be too hard, if he actually does the chores I've listed for him. If too long goes by without him completing a chore, then the game is mine, until such a time that I determine he's worked enough to get it back.

Me thinks that Mr. A got the best of this compromise.

Until later...