05 March 2008

Wedding Gift Help

It's Wednesday, and that means it's WFMW over at Rocks In My Dryer. This week however, it's a back-wards WFMW and that means that you can offer help and tips to those of us needing questions answered.

We've all been under the weather for the past two weeks and there were times when I'd have felt better if someone had just placed me in a coffin and buried me. Luckily, that's behind us...or at least it seems that way.

Unfortunately, it means that my grandiose plans for my cousin's wedding gift will not come to fruition. I just don't have the time any longer to cut out and put together the quilt I'd planned. You might ask why I left it until so late, but I'm a card-carrying member of Procrastinator's Anonymous, so that explains everything.

So, I need help. Besides cash (which I may have to fall back on), what is your favorite wedding gift to give? And what was the best gift you were given when you were married? You know, the one that really meant the most to you, the one that makes you think fondly of the person who gave it to you every time you see it.

Any help would be appreciated on this! I think the illness stripped all creative juices from my brain.

There's more help to be given over at Rocks In My Dryer this week too, so head over there and see if you can help anyone else out!

Until later...


Aunt Murry said...

Crystal Mikasa Candlesticks....I love mine!

A New Life said...

If you like cooking and recipes, you can make a cookbook. Why not email all of your family and gather up favorite family recipes and traditions. I'm sure she would enjoy it.

try tastebook.com. Its a great website, that makes customized cookbooks. You can even put pictures on each recipe. Maybe put a picture of grandma with one of her famous recipes or your aunts. The choices are endless! :-)


Kirby3131 said...

I personally love pottery - plates, bowls, trays, etc. I usually give a large pottery bowl that can serve soups, salads, piles of bread, etc. I really nice, large pottery bowl is what I give. So far everyone I have ever given this gift to has raved about the practicality of it. Heck, they have even used it as the front door mail center LOL

Oooh my blog is...http://ttelroc.blogspot.com/ I'll have my WFMW tip up shortly.

Playful Professional said...

One of my favorite wedding gifts ever to receive was a spice rack and a vacuum. Both have been incredibly useful and we may not have purchased. Get something that they will actually use daily not something that they might use (like salad bowls or crystal pitchers) once or twice. Pick something off their registry that is very you . Something that says you were thinking about your relationship with the happy couple. Those were definitely the most meaningful gifts. And if you do have to fall back to cash, at least get a gift card.

Krista said...

Do you have budget restraints? Those are important.

I use my salad bowl often! I love it! Pair it with some salad tongs/servers and some individual salad bowls and you can amp up the dollar amount, depending on your budget.

I use my Crock Pot all the time; pair one with a recipe book or two.

Good-quality kitchenware is great. However: I received a lot of wood cutting boards that, to be honest, I am regifting. I do use plenty of plastic cutting boards (better for your health!), but only one or two wood ones.

Kitchen towels and a collection of kitchen tools nicely packaged?

Some picture frames that match their style?

Completer set for dishes/silverware? (Butter dish, sugar and creamer, salt and pepper that match the dishes they registered for; the hostess set of their silverware)

A set of matching placemats, napkins, and napkin rings are cool too.

Whatever you get, make sure you include the gift receipt!

Jendeis said...

Best wedding gift was a blown pic of us at the wedding, during our dance, in a nice picture frame. We received it way before we got to see the pics from the photographer.

Tie for best gift was a framed copy of our wedding invitation.

Kristy said...

I like buying gifts off a registry, especially when I don't know exactly what the recipient needs or what their tastes are. But I like personalizing the gift, too - making it just a little bit different than all the other myriad of things they're receiving.

So, what I do is, I pick up a few related kitchen items from the registry, and package them all together with a few related recipes. For a recent wedding, I bought a couple loaf pans, a sifter, measuring cups and things like that, and included some handwritten bread recipes.

Little Piddles said...

I like to make a basket up with things they register for and add some personal items such as return address stamps and labels with their names, thank you cards, stuff like that.

lovedandamazed said...

I have never been married, but good-quality pillows that I have given brides have received rave reviews. And lots of "I wish I'd thought of that!" from other shower guests. This is an everyday-use practical yet special thing. I usually give it alongside another gift unique for the couple.

Mom2fur said...

I don't know if you can still find any at this point, but a great wedding gift is a set of nice Christmas ornaments. Really...most newlyweds have other things to spend money on! (My first tree was so pathetic I decorated it with M&M's wrapped up in plastic and tied with ribbons. At least it was yummy to take down, LOL!)

TransitionGirl said...

Well, something interesting I gave a couple was 3 or 4 bottles of nice cooking spices. One very spicy for the husband, but the others were unique spice seasonings that was not sold in normal stores and could only be found in spice stores.

LeapingLizard said...

I've often put together a wedding night midnight supper kit. It can range from really nice glassware and plates, to nice plastic stuff that can later be a picnic set, to disposable stuff if they're going straight from the reception to a flight, but I usually try to have cloth napkins and box/basket liner/tablecloth. Some kind of candlelight, from a scented travel candle to candlesticks and tapers, and a book of matches. Get folding chinese food boxes in a couple of sizes, and put together little sandwiches or snacks from their reception, some of the cake, add a bottle of champagne, and mementos from their decor, and give it to them before they leave. Some brides I know have been too nervous/busy to even eat at their receptions, and everyone has really appreciated having a little something to eat together later as man and wife.

FrazzMom said...

My favorite gift to give is a professionally matted and framed wedding invitation for thier new home. Another favorite is a nice (Lenox always has on) 'first Christmas together' ornament.

One of the best gifts we received for our wedding, 17 years ago, was a plastic tote with all the things you need for hanging pictures etc in a new home- nails, hooks, a small hammer, a small level etc. It was great!