06 November 2008

Politics and Mr. A

Okay...this is my last "political" post for this election season.

Mr. A is about the same age for this election as I was the first election that I remember paying attention to. He also really paid attention to the election and he read up on both candidates for two different classes in school. He and I had quite a few discussions about each of the candidates and their positions.

Tuesday night he spent the night glued to the computer, bopping between CNN and MSNBC to see what the news sites were saying about how the election was going. He kept calling out to me (I was in another room) as each state was called for a particular candidate.

He bounced through the house as he came to discuss something he'd read online. He asked intelligent questions about things that were being said about the election process. He was INVOLVED right up to the time I sent him to bed. Or so I thought.

It turned out that he went to his room and tuned his radio to a news station that was covering the elections and stayed up until they'd called it for President Elect Obama.

I don't know if I can express just how much this pleases me. Instilling an interest in politics in the monsters at a young age in their lives is important to me. Knowing that they think about all aspects of the candidates before making a choice is important to me. I don't care if they vote the way I do or go their separate way, but I do care that they are involved.

And he is. It warms my heart.

Until later...