08 February 2008

Friday Snow...

This morning dawned early, as all mornings do. And I really shouldn't say "dawned" because I'm at my desk furiously working (okay...I'm really slacking today) by the time the sun creeps beyond the Hinterland horizon in the winter.

I got the monsters out of bed, ready and out the door. As we pulled out of the garage, I noticed that a light dusting of snow was falling.

As is our routine, Bugaboo and I stopped for coffee and hot chocolate before heading off to the school to drop him at Before Care. We couldn't have been in the store for more than five minutes, but when I came out, the car was covered in the snow. It was no longer a light dusting.

I'm not sure how long the snow is supposed to last, but I'm actually quite happy about it. That first few hours after the snow stops, everything is so pretty and fresh. After a while, it turns grey and dingy from the melting and the spray from the roads.

If the snow keeps up throughout the day, it'll be nice and quiet tonight as I laze in my comfy clothes reading my book. There's something special about the quiet as snow falls on a Hinterland winter evening.

I've got no real plans this weekend, so the quiet and the coziness of a Friday evening is looking pretty good to me right now.

Until later...