01 February 2008

Just Once....

It's winter in the Hinterlands...and I mean it is winter! We've had some of the coldest weather I can remember in the past two weeks and almost no snow, which if I'm going to have cold, I want snow to go with it.

Since the boys began to roughhouse and play outside, I've not made it through a winter without having to buy another coat, or another pair of snowpants, or another hat, or another pair of gloves. Not one winter.

Apparently, this winter is no exception. Bugaboo came out of school yesterday with his jacket open. The Nonnie in me was getting ready to lecture about the fact that it was cold and he NEEDED to zip up, when he got in the car and said, "I need a new coat." Yes, the zipper had broken on his coat.

Now, some other mom might take her son to the fabric store, grab a new zipper and spend the evening ripping out the old one and putting in the new one. I'm not one of those moms. Bugaboo and I went up to a neighboring town and bought him the same jacket he started the winter with, albeit on clearance.

So, he'll go to school again today with a jacket that zips and I'll start dreaming those parental dreams of something lasting more than one season...It does happen, doesn't it?

Until later...