28 April 2008


My grandmother turns 80 at the end of May. You wouldn't be able to tell however. She's as active and spry as I remember her being in my youth, when she still had three young children at home herself.

There's a big hullabaloo with the aunts & uncles about a surprise party for her. Where to have it, what to eat, what the family should buy. I've stayed out of it, thankfully enough. Once I started hearing rumblings about the potential of this, I started looking for a gift to do for just the monsters and I...I'm selfish that way.

I remembered that a friend had spent some time creating a book for her graduating son just a little while ago, and I thought, "HEY! What a cool idea!". So a couple of weeks ago, I started asking the family for pictures and information to use in creating this book. I wished I'd just shown up on some doorsteps and said, "Here, I want that picture and that one, and...". It'll get done though, I'm sure of it.

Well, I went out to Shutterfly and spent all weekend putting together a 40 page hardbound book, designed just for Grandma. I'm truly hoping that she'll enjoy it. I know that I think it's the coolest, but then, I'm a little bit biased.

The ease of putting this together (family idiosyncrasies not withstanding) was like making a cake from a boxed mix...SIMPLE. Of course there are many out there who have a hard time with that, but really...if you're looking for a WOW gift, check out the photo books at Shutterfly!

I'll let you know how it actually turns out!

Until later...