30 April 2008

Money For Nothing...

Yeah, it's another song title...

It correlates to last week's Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. I LOVE me some Bloggy Giveaways. LOVE them. They are the highlight of each quarter for me, and even though I've never won, I love running through new blogs and checking out both what they have to offer...as a giveaway and as their normal content.

What I don't get is the fact that some blogs can't be counted on to actually name a winner when they say they will...or at all for that matter. And I dislike the fact that some blogs rename their original Mr. Linky title when it comes to finding out who won what. It would seem to be easier (to me at least) for the giveaway enterers (yeah, it's a made up word) to find the contests they entered...

I have been spending a few moments here and there for the past few days running through the links I saved to a document, to see if I won. Now I know that most, if not all of the blogs email their winners, I still like to know who won the giveaways I entered.

One of those blogs disappeared. Disappeared! As in Blogger no longer shows any evidence of it even having been a blog! How does that happen? Does the blogger just decide that they don't want to give away the prize any longer and quits blogging?

Another blog posted the winners to four of her five giveaways. The fifth just has a curt "This contest is over" posted on the original post. In fact, the post doesn't even show what it was originally for. Did she also decide to no longer give away the prize and this was her way of getting around that?

And finally, I can't count how many have said, "I'll pick a name and post it Saturday (or Sunday, or....) and hasn't followed through with that. If you're going to say you'll do something, do it!

This is a huge peeve for me and one I counsel the monsters on quite a bit. A commitment is a commitment is a commitment. You may decide you no longer want to do something, but until you follow through and complete what you've said you're going to do, you're still on the hook for it. Maybe it has it's roots in the failure of the commitment my ex and I gave each other. I don't know. What I do know, is that if I commit to something, you're guaranteed that I'm going to finish out what I've started.

Next quarter, I've decided to offer up my own giveaway...and you can rest assured that I WILL follow through.

And there will be money for nothing...but no chicks for free.

Until later...