01 May 2008


Most smiles are started by another smile. ~ Author Unknown

I can't tell you how true that is. Yesterday was a day full of smiles here in the Hinterlands.

Almost two years ago, Mr. Attitude had braces put on. It has been an interesting ride to say the least. I can't tell you how much we've discussed the wearing of the headgear, the rubberbands, the even more importance of brushing, etc. Mr. Attitude has seriously missed corn on the cob (he says it doesn't taste the same cut off the cob) and chewing gum.

In March, we went in for his usual check up and to our surprise, they informed us that he'd be getting his braces off the next visit...almost three months early. Mr. Attitude was beyond excited.

Yesterday, I dropped my metal-mouthed son off at the ortho's office and ran to Target to pick him up some gum as a celebratory gift. Target had gum on sale this week. Five minutes later, Mr. Attitude had 30 packs of different flavored, sugar-free gum to choose from. I stuffed it all in a cheap gift bag and went back to the ortho's office. In the time I was gone (approx 30 minutes), they'd taken off the brackets, sanded away the cement, taken x-rays and casted the molds for his retainers. Mr. Attitude was ready to go.

He kept his mouth shut, refusing to open it and smile at me...though he did have a huge smirk on his face. Once we got in the car, he smiled and it was so nice to see those straight teeth without the hinderance of the brackets and wires.

It makes him look even more grown up if that is possible. Hard to believe that he's only twelve some days...

But his smile? It makes me smile too.

Until later...