02 May 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been raining for a week...okay, there've been intermingled spots of sunshine through the gloom, but it's seriously been raining longer than necessary.

Bugaboo snuck his soccer game in under the wire last night (they lost) before the rain started again and Mr. Attitude got his baseball practice in also. I missed Bugaboo's game, as it was my turn to cart Mr. Attitude to ball and sit and watch twelve 12-year-olds come together as a team.

Mr. Attitude had a tourney in the middle of April that Did. Not. Go. Well. Oh, my, but did the sight of that tourney make me wonder if we'd done the right thing putting Mr. Attitude into traveling ball this year. There was no pitching, precious little wood meeting cowhide and more errors than I want to think about. They received a arse-whooping the likes of which I haven't seen since Les Steckel was the Vikings coach.

Granted, the boys had one whole outside practice before the tourney. ONE. The Hinterlands have conspired against us mortals with the weather gods this year, and it has been one of the coldest and wettest springs I can remember in a while.

But last night watching these boys practice? They're now a team. There is chattering going on in the outfield...you know the whole "Play's at first!" and "Two outs!" kind of thing. There was chatter from the bench...the "Nice cut!" or "Now you've seen it!" thing.

I watched the boys split up into two teams and run a relay race against each other. It appears they have two sets of wheels. The coach split them up so each team had one set of wheels, and the wheels ran the anchor laps in this race. It both filled me with pride and set me to wondering, that Mr. Attitude is one of the wheels on this team. Man, watching him run is special, but can someone please tell me where in the heck he got the speed? As far as I can remember, his dad never had that kind of speed, and well...what I know about running comes from sitting on the couch and watching the Olympics. LOL!

As Mr. Attitude and I went home, the rain started again. And the radio weather came on to inform us that the rain would stop on Saturday...but we'd get snow first. Sigh.

Until later...