26 May 2008

It's Monday!

Nearly everyone wants as least one outstanding meal a day.

~ Duncan Hines

How true is that quote? Many of us have our stand-bys when it comes to meals, because we know that they are good meals. Some of us stick to our favorites because of that quote, while others go in search of the new and different to find the outstanding meal.

This week, we're having a little bit of both the new and old, but let's recap last week's menu. The Cheese Manicotti was a hit with the boys. I thought it was okay, but I think I'd want to jazz up the cheese filling just a little more next time. The Fantastic Taco Casserole was a repeat for us and the boys scarfed it down as usual. The Divine Chicken Divan is a family favorite, and hits our menu every month or two. I tried a new recipe for my grandmother's party also. It was Cheesecake Pops. It wasn't a hard recipe, just tedious and the results were fantastic...I'll try to get the recipe up within a week or so.

This week's menu is as follows:

Monday ~ Memorial Day

The boys are with their dad, so I'll be eating whatever is in the fridge.

Tuesday ~ Baseball & Soccer Night

Tex-Mex Gooey Casserole

Wednesday ~ Chore Night

It's a breakfast for dinner night. We'll be having Simple, Perfect French Toast, Hashbrown Casserole and sausage.

Thursday ~ Baseball Night

Alfredo Bake

Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~ Baseball Tourney

Mr. A has a baseball tourney here in town, so the boys are going to be home for dinner Friday night. We'll have spaghetti that night. Saturday, Mr. A has a minimum of two games, but my parents and my grandma will be here for the tourney, so I'm not sure what we'll do for food yet. I'll talk to my mom this week and see what's what and I may have to amend my menu for something that night. Sunday is more of the tourney if Mr. A's team does well, but I'm guessing that it'll just be me that day, so I'll forage for whatever is in the fridge.

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Until later...