29 May 2008

Learning About Blogging

Shannon is discussing pet peeves of the bloggy kind today over at Rocks in My Dryer.

She's going to be in San Francisco this summer for the She Speaks Conferences to co-teach a few blogging classes. Today she's asking for those in Bloglandia to tell her what our pet peeves are and what form of blogiquette people feel most strongly about.

I'm new to this whole thing, so while I don't have strong feelings about the latter, I do have quite a few of the former and so I shared those with her.

But it was interesting to go through her comment section today and see what I'm doing wrong when I visit blogs, what I'm doing right here at my own blog, and what I might want to think about incorporating eventually.

I'm going to be keeping an eye on this post for the next while. Between it, Blogging Basics 101 and a few other things I've stumbled upon, I might actually have a blog worth reading some day.

Until later...