12 May 2008

Monday...What's for Dinner?

It's Monday and that means MPM!

Last week's menu went over pretty well. The Crispy Onion Chicken got one thumb up and one thumb down from the monsters. I gave it a thumb up, so we'll be having it again. The Penne With Chicken and Roasted Asparagus was absolutely wonderful, and the cold leftovers were just as good. The Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake was wonderful too, and if you don't like apples, the cheesecake without the apples would be just fine! In fact, I'm likely to make it without the apples next time.

It's not as busy this week as last week, which is a good thing. We have two school nights empty and while the weekend is full with a tourney, it's the weekend, so I'm okay with that.

This week's menu is shaping up as follows:

Monday ~ Relaxing!

Crispy Ginger Beef

Tuesday ~ Soccer & Baseball Night

Salisbury Steak The monsters have always liked the frozen kind, so we're going to test out the from scratch kind.

Wednesday ~ Chore Night

Chicken Manicotti

Thursday ~ Soccer & Baseball Night


Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~

Mr. A has a tourney, so I'm guess I'll be eating out. I'm headed to my parents for the weekend, as the tourney is closer to their house than mine, and every little bit of saved gas helps!

Don't forget to head over to Organizing Junkie to see the rest of today's meal plans!

Until later...