03 May 2008


I was running through my check of the blogs I read daily and found one of the bloggers had entered into a realm of rudeness that I can't imagine.

This blog is a recipe blog, and I read it not for the other blog items, but rather for the recipes that are the general fare. There was a recipe posted this week, that while it wasn't something that I like, nor would I make, I know that many people would.

Apparently, an anonymous commenter slammed the blogger for the un-healthiness (is that a word?) of the recipe and took her to task for the fact that most of the recipes aren't healthy and that the blogger (who is admittedly over-weight) really needed to stop creating and posting such recipes, because by doing so only added to her problems, but would teach her child the same things.

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the commenter at all. I believe in using my mouse to vote my opinion. If you're doing something that I don't like, I quit visiting your blog. I've quit visiting a number of blogs for this reason, because while at first blush, they seemed like something I could enjoy, I later found that they weren't. I'm sure many of you were taught the same that I was...If you can't say anything nice... The commenter obviously wasn't.

However, the blogger compounded this issue, but making an entire post about this commenter. COMPLETE with the commenter's ISP information and all other information that you can get from an ISP look-up service. The blogger came across as defensive and just as rude as the commenter. And to be honest, if the blogger hadn't made an "in your face" deal out of the comment, I never would have noticed, because I generally don't read the comments on a post, unless I want to comment about it myself.

This display has made me wonder if I should continue reading the blog. It is something I have to think about...I'm leaning towards not, as I don't appreciate and personally wouldn't take part in, behavior like this.

So what do you think? If a commenter was that rude, would you make a big issue out of it? Or would you, as I believe I would, moderate that comment and move on as if nothing happened?

Until later...