10 May 2008

I'm Following In Mrs. Cleaver's Footsteps

Eons ago, there were specific days for the housewife to get chores done...and to a point, that's still true...but I don't only do laundry on Monday and I iron as needed, rather than all day Tuesday. However, today is Saturday, which means it is Baking Day! And I'm going to be baking that cheesecake mentioned in MPM earlier this week.

I also have to clean (and that was supposed to be yesterday, but oh, well...) the house before my parents show up tomorrow. Luckily, it isn't dirt, just a little cluttered.

It's a cold and dreary day here in the Hinterlands. As I suspected, Bugaboo is angry with me, so he wants nothing to do with me. That means that I'll likely curl up with a book, unless he decides he actually does want my company. I've learned that you can't push him out of his moods, rather that you have to wait him out...we'll see what happens.

So, I'm off to do some cleaning and then later this afternoon I'll make that cheesecake...June would be proud of me.

Until later...