07 May 2008

Cuz I'm Worn Out

With all of the Spring Sports Sanity Snatching...well, I've got nothing, so I thought I'd treat you to the following, cuz you know you want to know more about me...

1. First song you remember hearing on the radio as a child-- This is easy...it would be Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band.

2. First album you remember listening to as a child-- I don't know the exact album, but it was always Roger Whittaker on the 8-track player in the car when we went on trips.

3. Album that takes you back to junior high-- Billy Idol's self-titled album...I can see myself and my friends thinking we were cool walking through town with the "boom box" blasting that tape to all and sundry.

4. Most played album in high school-- By this time we were more into mix tapes than actual albums. However, we listened to a lot of what is now called "Classic Rock" ~ AC/DC, KISS, Motley Crue, Poison...all of the 80's hair bands.

5. Favorite album in college-- College was the Country years for me...Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, Alabama, Kentucky Headhunters...

6. Song that reminds you of what it was like to feel cool-- Guns 'n' Roses' Welcome to the Jungle...I can still see the 8 of us crammed into Chris's Cutlas...ah, the memories!

7. Favorite albums to road trip with-- That would be Kansas, Queen, AC/DC, KISS, Europe, The Doors, Boston, etc...

8. Best relationship angst album or any other albums worthy of mention-- Chicago, Bryan Adams...most of the AOR Bands had good slow songs.

9. Your personal soundtrack today includes-- Everything listed above plus some Celtic music, some folk music a great variety, I'd like to think...not to mention the Best of School House Rock!

10. So if this is your personal soundtrack, what's the plot of the movie in 50 words or less-- Girl grows up and learns to be happy with herself.

Until later...