04 May 2008

Here Comes The Sun!

Whoo Hoo! The sun is out! It's a pretty sight after all the rain we've been having!

I need to get myself motivated today. I really should do something...anything. About the only thing I have on my agenda is to run downtown and pick up a windshirt to wear for Mr. A's games I might stop and pick up some more coffee creamer too.

I know, I know, don't wear myself out! LOL!

I also need to stop and grab the mail...I forgot to grab it Friday, and since I didn't leave the house yesterday, it's still sitting there. When I talked to my dad yesterday, he said that my cousins had sent out invitations to my aunt & uncle's 25th wedding anniversary party and he wanted to know if I was invited. Apparently, the RSVP date is this weekend, so I'd best figure out if I got an invitation or not, so that I can RSVP if necessary.

Other than that, I think a few loads of laundry are asking to be done. If I can motivate myself for that, we'll be in good shape for the coming week.

Until later...