09 May 2008

One on One Time

This weekend Mr. A is going away with his Boy Scout Troop to do some Community Service. Each may the troop goes out to the Wisconsin Dells and takes care of things at the Easter Seals Camp. It's a good experience for him and for the troop.

With Mr. A being gone, that give Bugaboo and I some one on one time. We don't often get that time together, and I enjoy it when we do.

Bugaboo wants to go to the drive in to see Iron Man and 10000 BC. I wouldn't mind going, but once again, the CS check is late and it just isn't possible for us to go without it.

I'm hoping he'll be willing to sit at home watching movies and playing games. It'll give us time to just talk. Likely, he'll not be happy when I put the kabosh on his drive in desires...we'll have to see.

Until later...