05 January 2010

Lewis and Clark

The ultimate camping trip was the Lewis and Clark expedition.

~ Dave Barry

Well, the monsters will not be going winter camping this weekend. The troop leadership decided it was just too cold, so they're going to switch out next month's outing for this month's and go snow tubing instead.

I teased the Scout Master last night that he just didn't want to camp out in the below zero weather to get his "Zero Hero" award. He sort of smirked at me and then said that the boys wouldn't have any fun. Yeah, right!

However, not having to send the monsters out in the frozen tundra works for me. I was not looking forward to figuring out how to keep them warm, not to mention both of the monsters were thinking of skipping this month's outing. They however have changed their minds and will be going with the rest of the group on Sunday. It helps that the Vikings have a bye this week too and won't be playing.

Here's hoping next month, the temps are a little more temperate and the Scouts have fun winter camping.

Until later...