08 January 2010


Our siblings. They resemble us just enough to make all their differences confusing, and no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast in relation to them our whole lives long. ~ Susan Scarf Merrell

I logged into Facebook tonight and noticed pictures had been posted of my brother and his new...I hestitate to call it a family, but that's what it is. They seem a unit in the pictures and very happy.

This Christmas, my brother came home for the first time in years and brought his friend and her daughter. They've been living together since the end of the tourist season in Alaska when Whelp moved to the PNW.

She's a nice woman and her daughter is adorable. The time we spent together was just enough to get past the initial awkwardness of strangers, but not enough to actually become friends.

I enjoyed seeing my brother interact with this little girl. He's very good with kids and she seems to enjoy being with him as well.

Whelp confuses me...always has, but the one thing I know, is that whatever he does in life, whereever he is, I want him to be happy. It was nice to see evidence of that happiness in pictures today.

Until later...