28 January 2008

Free Money? Not Hardly!

There's been a lot of stuff in the news lately about the tax rebate our government is going to be sending out in May. I'm still not exactly sure how the government is figuring out who gets how much, but I'm honestly not all that worried about how much my check is going to be.

What I am worried about is how in the hell GWB and Congress are going to pay for this largess. We have reached record deficit spending in the country and NO ONE seems to be able to stop.

I don't believe that this check we're supposed to get in May is going to boost the economy the way they say it will. There are too many other factors involved in what is happening in the US and World Markets for a paltry thousand dollars to fix.

And is it REALLY free money? Of course not. You'll get the slight jump in your checking account balance for a short time and then it'll be gone. Not to mention that you'll end up being TAXED on that in 2009. But no one is talking about that now.

If the PTB (Powers That Be) thought about this, they'd cut spending on all of the crap they earmark tax dollars on. They'd pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, or better yet, a Flat Tax and they'd QUIT SPENDING MONEY THEY DON'T HAVE! For Pete's sake! If I was deficit spending the way they are, I'd be in jail!

There are so many things that I find irritating with the way this Tax Rebate is being discussed and when I hear people talk about how they're going to pay bills and get caught up, I just roll my eyes. Maybe some will, but I can bet that the majority of people will continue to look at this as FREE MONEY and they'll spend it on things they WANT, rather than what they NEED.

But then isn't that the way the government is teaching the populace to act, when they do the same thing?

It gives me a headache.

Until later....