13 January 2008

It's Sunday Again...

It's the last day before heading back to the salt mines. Due to my self-pity yesterday, I did almost nothing around the house. But the day of wallowing has refreshed my outlook on life, and I woke up this morning raring to go.

By 5:30 (yes, am!), I'd taken my shower, eaten breakfast, drank a pot of coffee and planned out this week's menus. I'd created my grocery list, read the Target ad and figured out if I needed to visit Target. Since they have the jeans the monsters wear on sale, and since Bugaboo put his knee through a pair on Friday, I actually DO have a reason to visit Target.

So, shortly here, I'm going to put on my tennies, my coat and run out to grocery shop and visit Target.

I have some work-work to do also, but that can wait until later this afternoon.

I think I'm going to veg some more today...it felt good to do that yesterday and everyone needs one of those weekends now and again, don't they?

Until later...