06 January 2008


Yesterday I contemplated why I don't ever accomplish anything on my "To Do" list when I'm home alone...well, that must have lit a fire under my arse, because lo and behold, I purged all day.

When the monsters and I moved in June, a lot of boxes ended up in my bedroom closet. Many of these boxes hadn't been looked at since I moved out of the house my ex and I were sharing when we split up. That's 9 years people! Nine years and 3 moves of hauling around boxes that I honestly didn't know what was inside.

So, yesterday, I emptied out my closet into piles...piles of craft boxes, piles of book boxes, piles of "What is in here???" boxes. Then there were the bags. Bags of stuff. I do that a lot. If I come home from shopping, and put a bag in my room to "get to it later", it will eventually end up in my closet when I clean. Oh, you'd think it would be easier to get to it immediately...put it away where it belongs, as I so often tell the monsters. I guess I'm firmly a "Do as I say, not as I do" parent in this regard. So, there were bags of stuff in another pile.

I went through one box that had pictures of when the monsters were small. It was so sweet to sit and look at those first pictures and remember when I was overwhelmed by this new being I was responsible for. I'm still as overwhelmed, but now it's because I'm the taxi for this being.

I also came upon a lot of things from high school, some things from my wedding and other "What should I do with this, now?" things.

I managed to go through 15 boxes and condense them down to six. A lot of stuff ended in a trash bag, and really, if I think about it, more could end up there, but I couldn't purge EVERYTHING this time around. I think the world would tilt on its axis if I did something that major.

My closet no longer looks as though it will explode if the doors get opened when I'm not around to put my hand just so as I slowly slide the one side open...you know what I'm talking about!

Today, I'm thinking that I'll do the same thing in the laundry room. Then again...Sundays are to be a day of rest, aren't they? Maybe I should just rest. But the energy to purge is here, and I think I'll take advantage of that before it's gone.

Until later...