28 January 2008

Keeping My Tongue In My Head...

I've been AWOL on my blog for quite a few days...Not due to a crazy, hectic life (although there was some of that) or an illness, but because I don't think I could keep a civil tongue in my head. So instead of spewing venom and hate all over my blog, I stayed away.

It's hard sometimes to know exactly what to post and what not to post here. Yes, I want this to be a chronicle of my life with the boys, but how much of that do I share with the internets?

I could go on and on telling you about how horrible I think a certain male is being, but really, what good will that do? And I've tried, LORD how I've tried, to remember that he is the boys' father, and as such deserves a modicum of civility and respect from me. Especially when the boys might hear me talking, or see what I've written. In the past ten years, I've done my best to keep from pushing my frustration and irritation with him onto my boys.

Maybe some day, they'll see that for the gift that it is. I hope they do, because when I got divorced, I vowed to keep it about THEM, not about me or my feelings and irritations.

So, that's why I've been away. I hope you've been good while I've been gone.

Until later...