07 October 2008

And Another Season Is Over!

You win a few, you lose a few. Some get rained out. But you got to dress for all of them.
~ Satchel Paige

Fall ball isn't supposed to be taken seriously. And really, how can you when four of your games are rained out?

Thankfully, the games were close to home this weekend. I knew before heading to the fields that we were probably not going to be playing, but since I hadn't got a call telling me they were off, I headed out.

When I got to the fields, the boys were all under the tent that one of the parents had set up over the bench, and all the parents were huddled under the pavilion sipping their coffee. Everyone was just waiting for someone to call the game.

I think after 60 regular season games, plus playoffs and tourneys, everyone was baseballed out. I don't think anyone was upset that the games were called at all.

So I hopped back into my car, came home and relaxed with a book on a rainy day. Sometimes, even plans that get messed up happen for the best!

Until later...