03 October 2008


Life is unsure. Always eat your dessert first.
~ Anonymous

Tonight I have to make 3 pans of brownies for Bugaboo's End of Season Banquet. That's 3 rounds of timing brownies in the oven for 40 minutes. I figure I'll be done around 10.

I don't mind though, as baking is one of life's pleasures for me. I enjoy the measuring, the stirring, the opportunity to use my Kitchen-Aid mixer. Baking is more of a religion to me than it is something that has to be done.

I don't bake often for the family though. The monsters and I don't need the extra calories and most times, an extra pan of brownies just goes to waste around here.

So having an excuse to bake is a wonderful thing for me.

Tomorrow's set up, volunteer time behind the cooking lines and the tear down? Not so much.

Until later...