14 October 2008

A Different Sort Of Anniversary

In addition to Sunday being my parents' 40th Anniversary, it was also the anniversary of my divorce.

And I forgot.

Really, I forgot until I was crawling into bed on Sunday night.

I'm not sure if that says I'm past caring about the demise of my marriage or that I'm just remarkably well adjusted about it.

I do know that I'm a happier, more content person than I was when I was married. I'm also a wee bit more selfish about things and the way my life is run, but that's okay.

I have two wonderful children, a relationship that meets the needs of both myself and the other person and time to do what I want, when I want.

So, while there might be the odd tingle of "what if" every now and again, for the most part, I believe I'm remarkably well adjusted.

Until later...