01 October 2008

Christmas Wreaths

I don't know of any activity that a parent hates more than the constant fundraising that their children are roped into. School, sport, what-have-you.

Well, fundraising time has hit the Nonnie household once again. Bugaboo has his school fundraiser, which I don't actually mind, as it requires that the kids read to earn their pledges. Mr. A has his school fundraiser, which is selling over priced cookie dough. I just used up last year's cookie dough on Sunday. Sigh.

And now both of the monsters are selling Christmas wreaths for Scouts. Bugaboo will be bridging up to Boy Scouts in February, so rather than doing the Cub Scout fundraiser, he's doing the Boy Scout fundraiser.

The Christmas Wreath fundraiser pays for the monsters' dues and for their summer camp fee. So all in all, it makes sense for us to participate. I just hate going out every night for weeks, trying to sell up to their goals.

And the goals...jeez. Each of the monsters has to sell 46 wreaths to have their fees paid, and if they sell 51, they get a "free" waterpark weekend, paid for by the troop. So our goal is to sell 102 wreaths by October 27.

To that end, we've been out every night this week for at least an hour, selling door to door. I don't like going out before 6:30, because I don't like interrupting family meal times, and by 7:30, it is too dark to continue.

Today is Wednesday. We've sold two days and combined the boys have sold 10 wreaths. Yee-haw! Sigh. We'll be heading out after dinner again.

Until later...