06 October 2008

Torch of Love

The torch of love is lit in the kitchen.
~ Anonymous

Most every family celebration, be it an ordinary weekday high-five for a good grade, or a birthday dinner, starts in the kitchen. Love is in every bite...at least for us.

So...last week's recap. Pizza Casserole using To Die For Crescent Rolls ~ this is a family favorite, although I usually make it was the crescent rolls from the Doughboy. The homemade crescents were nice, but the convenience of the Doughboy? Nicer. And really, do I have to recap spaghetti? LOL!

This week's menu is as follows:

Monday ~ Mr. A Scouts

Creamy Pasta Parmesan

Tuesday ~ Wreath Sales

A Can Of This And That Crockpot Chili

Wednesday ~ Wreath Sales


Thursday ~ Wreath Sales

Pizza Roll

Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~ Monsters with their dad

I'm clueless. Hopefully something will grab me by this weekend.

So that's it for this week. Stop by this week's MPM to see what other's are planning.

Until later...