27 October 2008


The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.
~ Jonas Salk

I had not been at work today for more than an hour, when I received a call from someone asking me if I'd be interested in joining a different team within the company. My first thought (and the next fifty to be honest), was "Hell NO!".

I immediately went and talked to my boss. I trust him and value his counsel. To my surprise he already knew about the possibility, and at that point, he felt that it was going to be a "only one possible decision" sort of an issue. There was a meeting scheduled later this morning, and he'd let me know what he found out.

What he found out, is that my choice as the addition causes serious repercussions to many teams and wasn't made lightly. It was also made known by my current director, that he wanted me to have an out, if things went south. This team has gobbled up new members and spit them out so many times, that he felt the out was necessary. Should I not be able to push back and integrate myself into the team the way they expect (the main reason for picking me...I guess having a pair can be a good thing.), he wanted me to know I could come back to my current team without it being a detriment to my personell folder.

My boss feels that it is the best move for me and part of me agrees. There is more of a chance of career and knowledge base development with this move. The part that doesn't agree, likes her comfortable, well worn job, where she knows exactly how to do everything and where to go for answers.

I'll certainly miss my current boss. I know going in that my new boss will NOT be easy to work for, as I currently work with her on a few projects. And that's where the out my current director required made all the difference in my decision to take the job.

So starting November 10th, I'll be reporting to a different boss, a different director and have an entirely new job.

I hope I made the right decision.

Until later...