21 October 2008

Encouraging Vs. Discouraging

This has been a very discouraging quarter for Mr. A. Sadly, this Nonnie has all but given up hoping he'll pull his head out. There are nine days left in this quarter, and there doesn't appear to be any possible way for him to pull his grades out of the toilet.

I've threatened, I've cajoled, I've banished. I've assigned the crappiest chores I can think of, telling him that if he doesn't pull out, he'll be digging ditches and janitoring for the rest of his god-given life.

I've encouraged, I've bribed, I've helped. I've organized his keeper with him, hoping that will help get his crap together.

Nothing works.

And X? Yeah, he's a help.

It's sink time. And I don't know if there is a life vest close to throw him.

Until later...