05 October 2008

Season's Over!

Football is an honest game. It's true to life. It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.
~ Joe Namath

Football season has come to a close. One last game, 700 billion hotdogs and brats served to hungry players and their families. It's over.

Bugaboo had a good final game. He played better in this last game then he'd played in the first game. And really, isn't that what the season is about? Improving enough at the end that you don't recognize where you were at the beginning? He had a good team to share this year's accomplishments with, and I'm grateful for that.

However...today was the first game X came and saw this year. I'd roll my eyes, but I do that to much already when it comes to him. After the game, I was congratulating Bugaboo on the different plays he'd done well on, and X had to tear him down a notch or two. Hello? It's the last game of the season. There's no need for that now.

That little drama and X's behavior at the banquet only served as a large reminder why I'm glad we're not together any longer.

I came home from the banquet after clean up and crashed. I was tired! I'm not going to do anything but sit today.

Until later...