30 September 2008

Court of Honor

Sunday was Mr. A's Fall Court of Honor for Scouts. He isn't on the leadership team this six month period, so we didn't need to get there early for him to help cook.

This Court of Honor was also the first Troop activity that the Webelos have been invited to, in order to get them interested in bridging up from Cub Scouts. Bugaboo's Cub Den has seen a lot of dropping out over the years, mainly due to their leader, so it was nice to see a majority of the boys at COH taking a look.

Mr. A was excited about this COH, as he was due to receive seven merit badges. It did however cause some consternation with X, as Mr. A also had two baseball games on Sunday and had to choose between COH or baseball. Mr. A chose COH, but not without some serious pushing by X to pick baseball.

COH tends to be a roast of the Scouts by the Scoutmaster. Mr. A has yet to be roasted. Part of me thinks he's thankful, and part of me thinks that he'd like to be. It's nice to see the relationship that the Scouts have with their leadership. It is much more of a give and take relationship than you see at the Cub level.

To cap off the night, there was the Annual Parent-Scout Softball game. The parents have won the last six years, and added this year to their streak. Not without a lot of cheating by the parents...which just adds to the fun, as it is expected.

Did I mention we got our fundraising packets? Sigh.

Until later...