05 September 2008


I woke up to 40° temps in the house this morning...at least it felt that way. Fall has arrived in the Hinterlands with a vengeance. I'm planning on actually breaking out the long pants for work today.

The monsters have had a good first week at school.

Bugaboo really likes his teacher, which is a wonderful thing, given how horrid his teacher was last year. There hasn't been any problem with homework yet...and yes, I know that there have only been two days of school for him, but he's coming home and reading his book...probably more than is assigned. That makes my heart happy, as I've tried for years to get the monsters to read for pleasure. Bugaboo is enjoying patrol too, and he's standing there like a new recruit, at attention and very focused. I wondered how that would be, but then it IS only the first week!

Mr. A seems to be enjoying his classes too. He's got French this semester, and they had to pick names...why their own names aren't good enough, I'm not sure, as it just seems weird that you need a different name to learn a language, but then I'm not the teacher. Mr. A picked out Samuel. He wanted Raphael, but someone else got to it first. Homework for Mr. A has been light, although last night he had three subjects to get done, and only got to two before practice. He says he'll finish the other in Study Hall tomorrow. We're going to have to buckle down a little better I think as the year progresses, so he gets it done at home.

Today is another day in the trenches for me. I've got a feeling that I'll be bringing home work this weekend, but we'll see what happens.

Until later...