07 September 2008

Collision Sport

Football isn't a contact sport, it's a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport.
~ Duffy Daugherty

Yesterday was Bugaboo's first football game of the season. He has a wonderful coach...the same coach who spent so much time and energy as Mr. A's baseball coach this summer, so I feel confident that Bugaboo will learn a lot this year.

They had an okay outing for the first time. And while the coaches want to win, the focus this season isn't winning, but rather learning the fundamentals, which will give them a winning edge as they move on to school football.

Bugaboo's team is the Wildcats...they've got yellow jerseys with a blue wildcat on front. Their sponsors didn't want to have their name prominent on the jerseys, and it almost looks like they're part of the school teams.

It was a clear, sunny and cool day. Just the kind of day for fall football. By the time I got to the fields this morning, Bugaboo and his team were warming up and I didn't get a chance to say good morning to him.

Bugaboo got moved from left tackle to center today, and it was easy to see why. He's the biggest, both in height and weight on the team. He looks so big out on the field.

The boys had some troubles getting into the game at the start, but by the end of the game, you could see that their confidence level had improved and they were tackling much better.

Bugaboo got quite a few accolades thrown at him by the coaches during half time. "Watch Bug...see how he does it. That's the way we want you all to do it", and so on.

One one of the last plays of the game, two of our players ended up laying hurt on the field. I'm still not sure what exactly happened. Bugaboo was one of those players. It took a few minutes for the two players to get up off the field, and Bugaboo sat out the rest of the game. The coach said that it sounded like his neck snapped the wrong way when his body went another, and that Bugaboo seemed more scared than hurt.

I'm not one of those moms who rushes out to check on their kid when he gets hurt during a game. In fact, I didn't go over to Bugaboo until after the coaches talked to all of the boys after the game. X's wife however was right on top of him, and I could see that Bugaboo was getting upset with all of the attention. I might have gotten a sideways look or three from X's wife, but I know my child, and I know that he hates to have extra attention called to him.

When I finally talked to him, he said he was fine, just a little sore and didn't want anyone asking him any more...that's my boy! LOL!

So, the team might have lost, but I think Bugaboo built some confidence, he learned what it's like to be hit and he learned that he can take it. I'll take that kind of game over a win any day.

Until later...