23 September 2008

Leisurely Afternoons

Baseball is for the leisurely afternoons of summer and for the unchanging dreams.
~ Roger Kahn

So Sunday was Mr. A's birthday and also a full day of baseball. It was a very warm, very wonderful fall afternoon, reminiscent of an early summer day. And how better for Mr. A to spend his birthday, but doing the one thing he loves best in the world, but baseball?

The first game was fun to watch. The boys were all at a peak playing mindset and enjoying what they were doing. It showed in their bats, in their gloves, in their overall performance. Mr. A had a good game at the plate and in the field.

The second game was a hardship to watch. The other team was atrocious. Truly, I'm being kind when I say that. We walked more than we did anything. We surrendered the plate all of the innings, as we'd hit the seven run rule each inning. As a birthday present, Coach R let Mr. A pitch, and he did quite well. Not up to his standards, but then, he never does play up to his standards. But well enough, that he didn't let any runs cross the plate.

I truly didn't think that game was ever going to end. Coach R even told the other team that we'd just take 3 outs one inning instead of batting, to try to make it go faster. At some point, you just have to, kwim?

So we left the fields Sunday with a record of 4-0 for fall ball. Pretty good for a team that really hadn't played together before the start of the season.

Until later...