02 September 2008

Mr. A's First Day

Back To School by Unknown

Today I hurry off to school,
To work and learn and play.
I'm in a brand new grade this year.
What a happy day!

Okay...to be truthful, that describes Nonnie more than it does Mr. A. He's not happy to be going back, but neither is he upset. I think he thrives on a schedule, just like his Nonnie, and going back to school means that he's with his friends again.

It's hard on Mr. A to build these friendships during the school year and to have no hope of keeping them going during the summer when he moves out of town to live with his dad.

He decided that riding the bus this morning wasn't for him. And that's fine...I'm home today anyway, but tomorrow...it's back to the bus.

He looks so old to me this year. He is taller than I am now, and he just has a young man's carriage. He's a good looking child who never seems to have problems meeting new people. He's funny and he's sweet and he's my first born.

I tear up from time to time wondering where the years have gone, but I also enjoy watching him grow, as it proves that even when I think I've screwed up, his father and I have done a good job with him.

So off to school he goes...I hope he has a wonderful day!

Until later...