04 September 2008

Thursday in the New Year

It's Thursday here...okay, it's Thursday everywhere...and that means that it is a busy day for the Nonnie household. I've got to get things together to send to the monster's dad's for the weekend, get homework checked, follow up on chores, the whole gamut.

Tonight is also practice night...for both of the boys. I'm so glad that they're both practicing at the middle school. It's hard to get them to two different places at the same time.

Bugaboo has been loving football this year. I think it is because this is the first year of tackle and his body size makes for an excellent tackle. He is actually a crucial part of the team, and I don't know if he's ever felt that way before this year.

His first game is on Saturday. I'm hoping it will be a good one for him. X has to work on Saturday (all Saturdays for that matter) and won't be there. I'm both happy about that and a little sad. Happy because X won't be yelling at him from the sidelines. I hate that. Hate it. He does his best, and while it might not be the best that X wants him to do, it's good enough for me. He'll improve as the season progresses I'm sure. I'm a little sad, because X won't be there to yell at him. Waffle much? Why yes, I do. I'm sad about that, because it has always seemed to me that Mr. A gets the bulk of X's attention and Bugaboo is left with the crumbs. It'd be nice if he had his dad's attention during these games.

Mr. A is playing fall ball this year. Not with the team that he played with this summer, but a conglomeration of that team and the "A" squad. It'll be interesting to see the boys from the "A" squad and see how Mr. A measures up. Given how competitive Mr. A is, I'm guessing he'll do some improving this fall, so he measures up, should there be any gap.

I'm hoping that work is quiet today, so I don't end up with a lot to bring home...but we'll see. As it is, I'd best get myself motivated to leave for the day.

Until later...