28 September 2008

Big Fast Kids

When it comes to football, God is prejudiced - toward big, fast kids.
~ Chuck Mills

Bugaboo would agree to this quote today. He got thrown around the field yesterday.

The opposing center was much bigger, both in height and weight, and just threw Bugaboo around the field.

It didn't help that Bugaboo's team, for the first time this year, were harping on each other in the back field.

There were some punches thrown by both sides yesterday. Bugaboo's coach does NOT put up with that sort of behavior and all of the boys were read the riot act at the end of the game.

Bugaboo had possibly the worst game in his short football career and he was not happy.

My parents came over to watch Bugaboo play, and he wouldn't even look at them or say hello.

After the game, Bugaboo, Mr. A, their step mom and their little sister headed to watch the baseball game, which our team lost. I sure hope Bugaboo's attitude improved before they got to the stadium!

One more week of football.

Until later...