19 September 2008

School Patrol

So Bugaboo got into the car yesterday, all smiles and happiness. Now, last year, this was a major deal. This year? Not so much. He's having a wonderful year, so I didn't think too much about the smiles.

We talked a little about his classes and what he had for lunch...the regular things that happen on a day to day basis.

Then he says "I'm a lieutenant!". Um...sorry? It appears that they voted for the patrol officers today, and he was voted as his class's lieutenant. Which is a great, great confidence booster for my child.

Last year, he constantly felt bullied. He felt he had no friends, that kids didn't like him, the whole gammot. But this year? He's got tons of friends, he's doing well in school and he's grown so much.

Which translates into the fact that kids like him and want to be with him, and look at him as someone who they'd be comfortable with as a leader. And so they voted him in as one of their patrol leaders. How awesome is that?

Today, at 2:45, I'll be in the school gym to watch this year's school patrol take their oath, get their badges, and then watch the new patrol leadership being sworn in. I'm not proud...much!

Until later...